The first fire engine in Windham County was purchased by the residents of the Windham Green (now Windham Center) on June 18, 1821 for the sum of $180.00. Three fire wardens were chosen to enlist a fire company. The company was organized and met monthly for practice and exercise. Fines for absence or tardiness were rigorously enforced.

The company disbanded around 1850 leaving Windham Center without an organized fire company. Fire emergencies were attended to by a group of unorganized residents and neighboring communities. The community of Windham Center had grown substantially by 1942 and the need for a modern organized fire company was realized. The Windham Center Fire Department, Inc. was chartered by 28 citizens in 1942 to provide modern, progressive fire service to Windham. This service continues today with the department operating 4 emergency apparatus and responding with over 40 firefighters. Department members are State of Connecticut certified firefighters and many hold Emergency Medical Technician or Medical Response Technician certificates. Training and emergency incidents keep the volunteers very busy.



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