Health & Safety



Ice: Cell Phone Program

ICE= "In Case of Emergency"


Windham Center would like to make its residents aware of a simple program desighned to aid emergency responders in their efforts to indentify victims. This voluntary program is called ICE(In Case of Emergency). We request that cell phone users make an entry into their phones address book labeled ICE which would contain the persons next of kin or person they would like notified in case of an emergency situation. ICE can also be made helpful by typing ICE MOM or ICE DAD. We urge you to make more than one entry into your cell phone address book in case we can not reach the first contact. This is also beneficial to minors which will allow us to contact their parents. The program was first devoloped by the East Anglian Ambulance Service in England. Thank you for considering this program.

-WCFD Membership-