Join Our Team


There are many aspects to being a Volunteer Fire Fighter. You DO NOT have to fight fires to join the Department. There are other jobs that can be done that would help us out.


Roles within the Department:

-Fire Fighter:

-Fire Police/Drivers: great for retirees who want to help, but don't want to fight a fire.

-EMT:(Emergency Medical Technician)

-MRT:(Medical Response Technician)

-Technical Rescue: Specialized Rescue assignments such as Water, Ice, and other Specialized Rescue efforts.

-Associate Member: Helps in at least 2 fundraisers or Department functions per year, can hold an administrative office and sit on a committee.

-Supporting Member: Helps support the department by donating $25.00 a year to the department.

-Supporting Business Member: Any business can join the department for a yearly $250.00 donation.

-Administrative: Helps in one of four yearly elected positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President or President.

-Engineer: Works on the apparatus to insure that they are working properly when they are needed for duty.

-Trustee: Helps mantain the building.


Required training is paid for by the department.

If You are interested in joining the department you can come down and see one of the officers. The officers are usually here on Monday Nights for our weekly drill nights. They are also here the first Tuesday Night of every month for our monthly meeting. You can Also call (860)423-4038 and leave a message.